Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Where can I check in to pick up my conference badge?

Conference check-in desks will be rotating across locations throughout the #SciWri23 weekend. Jump to our conference program and search "Badge Pickup" for the day and time relevant to your arrival, for the most up-to-date information.

FRIDAY 10/6, Noon to 5 PM
Embassy Suites, main lobby

FRIDAY 10/6, 6 PM to 8:30 PM
Folsom Field, Byron White Club North

SATURDAY 10/7, 8 AM to Noon
University Memorial Center, Room 235

SATURDAY 10/7, 1PM to 6 PM
Folsom Field, Byron White Club Foyer

Folsom Field, Byron White Club Foyer

Anschutz Health Sciences Building, Elliman Conference Center Lobby

MONDAY 10/9, 8 AM to 5 PM
Folsom Field, Byron White Club Foyer

MONDAY 10/10, 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Embassy Suites, main lobby

I missed the registration deadline. Can I still attend?

Registration closed on Sept. 26, and no new registrations will be accepted on-site.

What do I do if I need to cancel?

The last day for cancellation was Sept. 26, with exceptions for federal government employees who received an extension until Oct. 2 due to shutdown uncertainty.

Attendees should not travel if they are sick, have been exposed to anyone with a documented or suspected case of COVID-19 within 10 days, or exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19. Please refer to our conference policies page for health-related cancellations after Sept. 26.

Will sessions be live-streamed and recorded?

Due to cost limitations, only select sessions in Colorado will be live-streamed and/or recorded. Please refer to the Whova schedule for sessions labeled for streaming and/or recording.

Recordings from the virtual portion of SciWri23 will be uploaded after the conference conclusion. Registrants will be able to view session videos within the Whova app for up to 3 months after our event.

Are there any openings left for tours and other sold-out events?

To inquire about last-minute openings — or to inform of your own drop-out of a CU-hosted tour — Lunch with a Scientist, or Hike with a Scientist, please inquire at the check-in desk when you arrive, and the CU staff can assist with your question.

There are many exciting tours, but I can't remember which ones I actually signed up for.

Please refer to your original conference registration email for a full listing of receptions, lunches, and tours you originally selected, including your Sunday option of Boulder versus #Anschtuz Sunday. (If you cannot find your original registration email, we recommend checking other email accounts which you may have used to register.)

I can't remember if I signed up to go to #AnchutzSunday on Oct. 8

Please refer to your original conference registration email for a full listing of receptions, lunches, and tours you originally selected, including your Sunday option of Boulder versus #Anschtuz Sunday. Also convenient: If your badge has a gold sticker near your name, it means you've signed up to visit Anschutz on Sunday!

I just tried activating my Whova but I can't log in. Why?

When you activate your Whova app for #SciWri23 (, please set up your login using the same email address that you used to originally register for the conference. Whova will only recognize that address. (If you are stuck, try to find your original registration confirmation email to determine which email address you registered from. If you have tried all your emails, inquire at for further troubleshooting.)

Whova will be your most up-to-date source for session changes, attendee contacts, and other helpful resources and networking options. Download for your phone or use via browser.

I'm new to ScienceWriters conferences. How can I find a conference buddy?

Welcome! We invite you to pop by the "Fresh Faces" networking event on Friday evening, Oct. 6, to meet other first-time attendees. Also activate your Whova to participate in the many ongoing Community chat threads sharing conference tips and local recommendations.

Is the Saturday awards lunch open to all? / What is this purple ticket in my conference badge?

Please refer to your original conference registration email for a full listing of events you signed up for, including the Saturday awards lunch. If you have a purple ticket in your ticket in your badge, it means you signed. If you don't, it means you did not. There are zero extra tickets in circulation, so if you end up not going to the Saturday awards lunch at the University Memorial Center, please consider giving it to another registrant who is interested in going.

I requested vegan/dairy-free/gluen-free meal options at the events I signed up for. How do I pick those up?

First, please reference your original registration confirmation email to determine which meal(s) you signed up for. Then follow the instructions below:

If you registered for the Saturday awards lunch, your gluten-free meal will be available in Room 235 of the University Memorial Center (UMC) at a special buffet table dedicated to only gluten free options. There will be two options. Please only take the vegan option if you also requested dairy-free or vegan meals as well.

If you registered for the Saturday awards lunch, we will have multiple vegan options on the main buffet lines.

If you signed up for Lunch with a Scientist at Boulder, boxed lunches will be available. These will be gluten free and vegan veggie wraps. Please ask if you do not see them right away.

If you signed up for Lunch with a Scientist at Anschutz, boxed lunches will be available. There will be several vegan and gluten-free options, including a gluten-free-and-vegan option.

In addition, we have asked the multiple catering vendors to label all items at the receptions as as gluten-free, gluten-friendly, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and "contains soy" as appropriate. If you have any questions about ingredients, please ask the catering staff. Please note that while meals have been ordered to be gluten-free, like many vendors, these caterers do operate and prepare the foods in kitchens that handle gluten, nuts, shellfish, and other allergens.

Are Folsom Field and the University Memorial Center walkable from the core hotel block?

Folsom Field is at least a 15 minute walk from Embassy Suites for fast walkers. Go west on Canyon or Arapahoe, then south on Folsom. You can either walk through the apartment complex and gravel parking lot to access the creek overpass walkway, or walk a bit further down on Folsom then turn right on Stadium Drive. Look for the Champions Plaza statues. Then:

To reach the Byron White Club, proceed up the stairs or through the Team Store elevators to reach the upper level, where signs will lead you along the Buff Walk to the final set of elevators at the stadium bowl.

To reach the Touchdown Club, face the Champions Plaza statues, then proceed to your right walking uphill until you see a doorway with signage for the Touchdown Club (sponsored by Nerdwallet).

The University Memorial Center is about twice as far by foot. We highly recommend taking the bus for this portion of Saturday's conference, unless you are a comfortable walker and already acclimated to the altitude. Buses will begin transporting from Embassy Suites to the University Memorial Center at 7:15 AM on Saturday. The last bus will depart for campus at 8:30 AM. Look up this time block in Whova for complete details.

How long does it take to go between the Byron White Club to the Touchdown Club at Folsom Field?

Plan your session breaks accordingly! To traverse between these two event spaces at Folsom Field, plan for about 10 minutes of transit time, between elevators going down from the Byron White Club to level 1B, walk north along the Buff Walk, then take the elevators or stairs back down to Stadium Drive, then the short walk uphill to Touchdown Club.

For those requesting accessibility assistance, volunteers will be on hand with a golf cart for the ride up.

I'm on Champions Plaza and I need elevators to go up to BuffWalk / Byron White Club. Please help.

Start at Stadium Drive/Champions Plaza statues and look for the Box Office/Team Store door. Inside that door are elevators that can take you up to the BuffWalk level, where you can exit and walk along following A-frame signs, which will lead you to the doorway for the elevators to go up to Level 5, for the Byron White Club.

Where should I go first for Lunch With a Scientist in Boulder on Sunday? / Where do I pick up my lunchbox?

All box lunches for Boulder Lunch with a Scientist on Sunday will be distributed at the Byron White Club, so please go there first! Then follow signs to the stadium suite upstairs assigned for your lunch event.

Where is the lactation room access at Folsom Field?

For hours when we are hosting events at Folsom Field, stadium suite 663 has been designed as our lactation room. The room is lockable and includes water and sink access. From the Byron White Club, take the elevators up one floor to level 6, and look for the suite.

Will there be open-air spaces where I can take a break outdoors between sessions / gather with others?

During the conference portions held at Folsom Field in Boulder on Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and Monday, much of the outdoor event space will be available for you to roam, gather, or tuck away. That includes the rows of stadium seating themselves, the Touchdown Club seats, plus the expansive Rooftop Terrace! Get a sneak peek here:

I forgot to bring my mask / I need a mask. Where can I find one?

For indoor activities, we do welcome and strongly encourage all attendees to bring and wear their own masks as you are able. Additionally, NASW plans to stock a number of respirator-grade masks available for anyone who wants one. Ask the volunteers staffing the check-in desks to receive a free mask. We hope this will lessen the burden of those who choose to mask (and thus have to pay for masks). Please join us in offering kindness and consideration this coming weekend in Colorado, and help us foster a mask-positive culture and welcoming environment for our community.

I forgot to pack something. Is there a pharmacy or convenience store nearby our hotels?

Yes! Walgreens, CVS/Target, Safeway, Trader Joes, Whole Foods are all within walking distance of the core hotel block (Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, the Marriotts). Refer to your preferred map service to navigate.

I need to depart for the airport during the day. Where can I leave my luggage?

We invite you to inquire with your hotel concierge first regarding any complimentary bag hold services they may offer. On Monday, there will be a limited, unsupervised area at the Bryon White Club of Folsom Field where luggage can be set aside, along with a coat rack.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please log in to Whova and click on the "Ask Organizers Anything" chat thread in the Community section.